Akouo Studios. Copyright 2018.

Akouo Studios. Copyright 2018.


Laconic Orison: Age of Draconia

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Story Synopsis

A young boy named Wyren is altered by a dragon-type alien and is put in a lab by the military, which creates a weapon called the Bordrak. He escapes after a decade and meets Hilde. Together, they must find out the purpose of the lab and how it will effect humanity.

Gameplay Synopsis

Melee Matter synthesis is a must to defeat enemies, accompanied by a job class of super strength. Fighting in a turn based style combat system. Experience piloting and fighting with a robot-type dragon. Interact with your environment to gather items for melee matter, side quests, lore and knowledge.

Core Gameplay Interactive

1.  Super strength + knowledge class (a little bit of everything)

  • Turn based combat system

  • Party system with 3 characters different classes

2.  Fight with the Bordrak, dragon-type robot

  • TP Building

  • Specials

3.  Melee Matter (Alchemy Synthesis)

  • Pick up items in nature to combine for use

  • Must use specific items to defeat group classes of enemies

  • Enemies will be extremely hard to defeat if item is not used and player/party will be defeated

4. Side Quests

  • To balance players time and efforts in contrast to gathering and exploring.

  • Rewards: Melee Matter, Consumables and Money


Game Development Design Sheet

Title:               Laconic Orison: Age of Draconia

Platforms:      PC, OS X, STEAM, Android, iPad, iOS, Mobile

Target Age:    Teen and Adults

ESRB:            E13+

Competitive Products:    Final Fantasy X, Xenogears, Wild Arms, Chrono Trigger

Laconic Orison: Age of Draconia follows protaganist Wyren who is genetically modified in a lab after encountering a dragon-type alien from space. Upon meeting Hilde, they journey to uncover the mysterious truth behind the experiments and their world. The truth being hidden in a symbolic theological concept fictionalized in the game.


All content is subject to change.


The Voices

The amazing talent behind the character voices in Laconic Orison: Age of Draconia.


Alex Hansen

Photo By: Akouo Studios

Photo By: Akouo Studios


Voicing our main character, Wyren. Alex is from Northern California and currently attending college in San Diego. 

Colleen De Silva

Photo By: Megan Marie Photography

Photo By: Megan Marie Photography


Voice acting Hilde Dreyfus, Colleen is an accomplished individual with experience in directing, acting, indie short films and writing. She is currently living in LA working on her acting career.

Caleb Littier

Photo Courtesy: Caleb Littier

Photo Courtesy: Caleb Littier

Adolescent Wyren

Caleb is a new aspiring young voice actor and related to Hannah Littier. He is the voice of adolescent Wyren.

Alexander Barton

Photo Courtesy: Alex Barton

Photo Courtesy: Alex Barton


First Officer Clive

The talent behind Clive, friend and first officer to Hilde. Alex is from Staffordshire, England and a photographer with a degree in Film and Photography.

Hannah Littier

Photo By; Natalie Littier

Photo By; Natalie Littier


Sula Aesmae 

Sula is voiced by the talented Hannah. 

"My name is Hannah Littier, and I like to consider myself an interdisciplinary artist, actress, designer, teacher and passionate storyteller."

Carmen Rose

Doctor Runa

Doctor Runa is voiced by none-other than Carmen Rose. She lives in Northern California and has plenty experience around a film set. 

Additional Voice Talent

To be announced - Doctor Bragner

To Be Announced - Draconian

Alexander Barton - Admiral Colton

Ashton Ruby - Voice Log Father

Akouo Studios. Copyright 2018.

Akouo Studios. Copyright 2018.


How It all started…

Rachel and Eric, co-founders of Akouo Studios, grew up playing video games. Your quintessential gamers from the Atari and Nintendo generation.

While at a young age, Eric started creating games with his best friend using a 486DXii PC with 4mb of ram. Qbasic was their development tool. His best friend even pursued their dream and launched his indie game with the characters they created years ago. In later years he was inspired to create music, art and learn web development, which turned into a stable career.

Meanwhile, Rachel loved art and was very inspired by Japanese Role-playing games and Anime. At the age of 15 years old, it was her decision to make a career out of making video games and aspired to be an independent game developer in her later years. She received a scholarship to The Art Institute of Portland, towards a Bachelor of Arts in Game Art & Design and studied in Portland for six months. Upon returning home, she met Eric. 

Flash forward. A beautiful proposal, wedding, the arrival of their oldest daughter, three years later their youngest and a couple of years after that. Game engines went on sale on Humble Bundle. The thought occurred to the now co-founders, "We should try making a game together as indie game developers..." And they bought RPG Maker MV.

You can view their journey on social media or through the pages on this website and fill in the gaps from there. It isn't easy running an independent game company amidst the responsibilities and duties needed to raise a family, but these two are somehow doing just that.